CODING September 12, 2019

Object Registration in OpenFOAM

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Being aware of all the important variables during the simulation is a nice feature to have in any CFD...

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CODING August 29, 2019

The forAll Macro in OpenFOAM

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Because of the frequent use of range-like loops in OpenFOAM (In official code base, forks, and any independent work for that matter), the nice developers provided a “shortcut” to loop through all elements of a list; any list. This post tries to take ...

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PRODUCTIVITY August 28, 2018

Customize VIM to work efficiently with OpenFOAM - Part 2

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We’ve seen in the previous part some ways to improve our interaction with OpenFOAM case directories and files. In this new post, we want to implement something that facilitates running blockMesh, or the case solver, right from inside VIM; without going...

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PRODUCTIVITY August 27, 2018

Customize VIM to work efficiently with OpenFOAM - Part 1

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Today, I’m starting new (short) post series suggesting tricks to customize the VIM text editor so it can be used to edit OpenFOAM cases more efficiently. Of course, making VIM work optimally with every single piece of software you have installed through...

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OPENSCAD July 01, 2018

Stock-Tank mesh construction using OpenSCAD

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This post is part of a longer collection:

It features a very simple, quick and efficient way of constructing a (2D) stock-...

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